Foam soap dispenser – GENIE 1017 & 1517


Newly launched Genie 1017 touch-free foam soap dispenser hits the market.

The newly launched GENIE 1017 is the eagerly awaited update to GENIE 2300 foam soap dispenser. Using 4 AA alkaline cell batteries, it can offer up to 25 thousand times of touch-free soap dispensing.

New color options include see-through gel black and gel white, enabling users and commercial operators to easily gauge soap availability at a glance. Designed for easy soap pouch replacement and soap bottle refills. 

A manual model is also available in the form of Genie 1517. Both Genie 1017 and Genie 1517 models follow FDA protocols, ideal for hospitals and commercial environments. Soaping up is safe and easy with Genie.For more information,