Touch-free High-capacity Hand Sanitizer Dispensing System, Floor model  

Genie FS-1
Square floor model dispensing system
Genie FC-1
Oval floor model dispensing system
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Ableman’s new Touch-free High-capacity Hand Sanitizer Dispensing System, Floor Model works with most foam, gel, and liquid hand sanitizers. This innovative dispenser is ideal for high traffic areas such as building entrances, hospitals, shopping malls, schools, public facilities, cafeterias, and more. Its advanced touchless hand sensing and dispensing technology improves hand hygiene and reduces the possibility of cross-contamination. This high-capacity dispensing system is capable of housing gallon size sanitizer containers and an extra-long life battery pack. “It is designed to be the most cost-effective and low maintenance floor model hand sanitizer dispenser of its kind”.


Features and Benefits:


l   100% touch free operation. Requires no foot activation or hand push.

l   High capacity. Can be set up with 1 ½ gallons sanitizer for extended service before refilling.

l   Space to store additional container of sanitizer.

l   Advanced touchless hand-sensing technology.

l   Fast dispensing system. Ideal for busy, fast paced high-traffic locations.

l   Precise dispense volume. Unlike the manual dispenser, this automatic dispenser dispenses a fixed volume of sanitizer at every activation.

l   Low maintenance. Capable of dispensing sanitizers for more than 11,000 pairs of hands (at 0.5 setting) before needing an additional supply of sanitizer.

l   Battery powered (battery not included). Uses a 4 “D” battery pack. Dispenser runs for months without the need for battery replacement. Extra battery compartment is available for extended service period without a maintenance call.

l   LED indicator lights up when it is time to refill the sanitizer or battery is low.

l   ADA compliant. No foot activation or hand push required.

l   Personalized dispenser. Panel for company logo and promotional message.

l   Drip tray to catch any extra sanitizer and to keep the floor cleaner and safer.

l   Very stable stand. Free standing, stylish steel cabinet. Non-skid pads on the base.

l   Portable. Can be placed wherever it is needed or moved to clean the floor.

l   Anti-theft features. Dispenser can be secured to the ground and the cabinet can be locked in for additional safety. Locked cabinet prevents tampering with products inside.


Available Options:


l   Pump options: foam, gel, or liquid hand sanitizers

l   Option available for rear wheel assembly for easy and fast relocation of the dispenser on demand.

l   Option available for dispenser operating only with a proprietary sanitizer container. This will make the dispenser work with a specific brand of sanitizer only.

l   Pre-selectable dispensing volume: 0.5ml, 0.7ml, 1ml or other custom volume requirements

l   Two different cabinet designs and custom colors available.


All the specifications and data are theoretical and approximate values.


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Ableman International’s in-house Engineering team is specialized in the designing and engineering of custom and proprietary health hygiene products. The team is ready to collaborate with you to customize the Touch-free High-Capacity Hand Sanitizer Dispensing System to suit your requirements.