Established in 1983, ABLEMAN International Co., Ltd. creates high quality and reliable sanitation products that ensure public health and hygiene in schools, hospitals, hotels, public facilities and commercial buildings around the world.

Product Range

With a strong capacity for innovation and commitment to quality, ABLEMAN offers a wide range of products, including touch-free foam soap dispensers, touch-free hand sanitizers, touch-free towel dispensers, auto air fresheners, and touch-free feminine hygiene bins, as well as various hygiene equipment.

Patented Innovations

Innovation never stops at ABLEMAN. Starting out in the 1980’s, ABLEMAN created the world’s first battery powered touch-free “bag-in-box” soap dispenser. In 1998, ABLEMAN introduced the world’s first battery powered touch-free spray hand sanitizer. Fast forward to today, having achieved groundbreaking success in the US, EU, and Japan markets, ABLEMAN offers complete lines of touch-free innovations that keep on keeping the world clean and healthy.

OEM and ODM services

Fully based in Taiwan and serving the international market, ABLEMAN has become a reputable name the public hygiene industry. From research and design, manufacturing, to quality assurance, sales and after-sales service, ABLEMAN can provide full and comprehensive manufacturing support to clients worldwide.

Total Hygiene and Safety

ABLEMAN products are built to satisfy the utmost user demands of cleanliness and disinfection. Total hygiene and safety, as well as efficiency and operation over time are the guiding principles of ABLEMAN’s philosophy to establish long-term, trusted relationships with every client and user.